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We worked on this release for a few months now and cannot wait to release this to the public. This is a first of its kind open source visual search engine for learning any topic on Earth with mind maps.

Both the mind maps and the search engine are open source and are on GitHub. I hope you love it as much as we do.

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      Perhaps this is due to my thermonuclear blocking of scripts. But even after enabling scripts from cloudflare, auth0 (which I do not recognize) and unpkg (which I also do not recognize), I get a usable page; but entering anything in the search box does nothing (no results show up, for example).

      This sounds like a cool project; might I suggest (noting that it’s open-source and you are not beholden to me to do anything) designing your site to gracefully fall back should js not load or be blocked?

      I hope it goes well! More open-source search engines is probably a positive thing!

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        “I just deleted parts of your code base and your site does not work”

        Erm… :-)

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