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    Why is FreeBSD moving from an Apache licensed project to a GPL licensed one?

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      There are multiple permissively licensed git implementations, including game of trees (which is slated to replace cvs for openbsd), and git9 (by @orib, admittedly probably not easily portable outside of plan9.

      Since the format itself is not GPL’d, and the base system doesn’t need to ship with a git client, I expect it’s not considered a huge problem; and once game of trees is released it can be the officially-sanctioned client.

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        As far as I know OpenBSD has no official plans to switch away from CVS.

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          Am I the only one who thinks that this GPL-aversion is incredibly childish and cringe-worthy?

          Projects can be good community neighbors or bad community neighbors, and in terms of free software, they are certainly poor neighbors.

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            One of the goals of OpenBSD is that it’s “free” as in “free to do whatever you want with it”. This is a different definition of “free” as used it the GPL. There’s nothing wrong with the GPL definition as such, but having GPL in the base system removes the OpenBSD definition of “free”, and I don’t think caring about that is either “childish” nor “cringe-worthy”.

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                lolwut? I don’t know if I should upvote this as it’s hilarious, or downvote as troll.

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                  From my perspective as a non-US-person, these groups feel pretty close in their regressive mindset and the corporate worshiping.

                  That’s why I was curious.

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                    If you consider OpenBSD an act of corporate worship, you have an unusual way of thinking. I struggle to see the similarity.

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                      Yes, I do.

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          There’s a good discussion of the reasoning here.

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          Subversion? When did they move off of CVS?

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            In 2008-2012:

            The FreeBSD source repository switched from CVS to Subversion on May 31st, 2008. The first real SVN commit is r179447.

            The FreeBSD doc/www repository switched from CVS to Subversion on May 19th, 2012. The first real SVN commit is r38821.

            The FreeBSD ports repository switched from CVS to Subversion on July 14th, 2012. The first real SVN commit is r300894.

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              Ugh. Time flies when you’re old… :(

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                Can still use OpenBSD if you’re nostalgic about forgetting -P in cvs co or having your binary files mangled by forgetting to mark them as such 🙃

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                  I used to run a really big CVS server, and while CVS is a huge PITA to use, I pretty much had the entire source memorized, and it was very simple to administer at a scale where a git repo would melt down in a puddle of goo.

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                    OpenBSD offers a copy in git, so unless you are an OpenBSD committer, chances are you never have to actually play in cvs land… thankfully :)

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                      cvs up; cvs diff; send patch per mail; isn’t really that bad.

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                        agreed, but that’s not necessarily the workflow of a committer, just a contributor.

                        I don’t mind CVS for the basic use cases of keeping track of a few files here and there. Maintenance of CVS is an entirely different thing however, especially in a distributed scenario.

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                      We still use Visual SourceSafe at work. The binary is 20+ years old and is distributed from a network share.

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                I’m a bit surprised that it is this close to the holidays, but then it seems like it’s not a production-breaking change as the old repos stay up.

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                  Mark the repository as being converted to Git.
                  This is the last Subversion commit to src.