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What are you doing this weekend? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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    Working on https://www.laarc.io/ People keep saying how eerily similar it feels to HN circa 2007.

    There’s been an influx of new members seemingly out of nowhere each day. And they tend to be some of the best hackers I’ve met. JungleCat’s “scent map” pathfinding technique is particularly impressive: https://www.laarc.io/item?id=285

    There are a bunch of easter eggs scattered throughout the site, which users seem to like. And setting up a discord server turned out to be super important for building the community. https://discord.gg/qaqkc9z

    We’re gearing up for an actual Show Lobsters post. Emily has been one of our secret weapons; she’s like an assassin that targets items on a todo list. It’s scary watching her work. We have an iPhone app coming soon, powered by our firebase API (e.g. https://laarrc.firebaseio.com/v0/item/1.json?print=pretty)


    The API is nearly identical to HN’s. https://github.com/HackerNews/API But we’ll be adding support for tags, which is one of N hundred things to do this weekend.

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      Very cool! What do you see as some notable differences between laarc and Lobste.rs?

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        I think the communities will always compliment one another. The main difference can be illustrated by example:







        And personally, I find it motivating to deliver a high-quality production-grade site written in modern Arc: https://github.com/laarc/laarc

        The world is starting to notice that writing webapps in React or Vue can end up being an order of magnitude more work. Elixir is doing some pretty wonderful work with realtime serverside re-rendering. Arc has had this since the very beginning. And you get some amazing features like thread-local variables.

        You know how in Express you have to pass around req and res everywhere? In Arc you can just write (the-req*) to get the current request. Many functions have been rewritten to take advantage of this. For example, the authentication code is one of the simplest you’ll see anywhere: if you call (get-user) with no arguments and it returns nil, the user isn’t logged in. If (get-auth) returns nil, that means the user visited a link like /logout but it didn’t have the proper /logout?auth=<hash> code, so therefore the server should ignore the logout attempt. And so on.

        But really, the most exciting part of laarc is the people. Everyone has so many neat personal projects, and everyone is so nice. It’s a spirit I’ll be embedding into the site’s soul.

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        Looks really cool. I’ve somehow gotten the idea that HN is inflated by people who are doing social media campaigning to get to the front page for advertisement. In more or less honest way. That’s what I like about lobsters it simply feels more authentic somehow.

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          Looks interesting, though I wish it would use larger default font sizes, 10 pt is pretty hard to read for the titles and have to zoom in to 125% to make it easier to read.

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          I’m attending my grandfather’s funeral.

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            Condolences. Very sorry for your loss.

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              Sorry to hear it man. Hope you and your family gets through it with as little pain as possible.

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                My condolences. Hope your family is doing okay.

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                I’m digging into OpenGL and Rust, trying to develop a simple engine and test things out. It’s quite annoying since even with RenderDoc, OGL sometimes does rather insane things.

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                  Kind of interesting to me how many graphics oriented projects there are for Rust. Would be great if one of them could really get some broad based community support and become super featureful and mature.

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                    My biggest problem was gfx, a crate that was recommended to me for this. Gfx really doesn’t like being put into structs so I can wrap it into my own functions.

                    Atm I use glium so it’s very barebones compared to gfx (and no webgl compatibility as far as I can tell).

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                  $doggo: Acquire pats, demand walks, nap like total queen.

                  $human_learning: Chipping away at the deep learning specialisation on Coursera. Building an Anki deck in the process and coming up with meaningful flash cards is an interesting process. Plenty of just standard drills, but I need a balance of questions that force me to think about the meaning of things. “That’s correct, but why?” shouldn’t be a sticking point, mostly.

                  $human_mental_health: Avoiding the all too common trap of belittling my own abilities when I see my coworkers do seriously cool things. Seriously, so cool.

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                    I’m going through Beej’s network programming guide as a way to learn about the networking stack and learn C. We’re supposed to get a ton of snow this weekend, so I won’t want to go outside anyway.

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                      Participating in a robot fighting competition! It’s the backyard wrestling of robotics. A friend and I made a little <5lb (“beatle weight” I think), < 15x15x15 robot, and learned a bunch about physical materials, RC systems, servos, 3D printing, raspberry pi, and even firebase and twitch.tv lol. All coming together Sunday evening here in Chicago at Emporium Wicker Park (Robot Riot)

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                        First off, that sounds dope as hell. We need to assert our superiority for as long as possible before the robots over throw us. (Possibly for having set up robot fighting pits in the first place.)

                        Second, what kind of resources did you use to learn about making fighting robots? Did you program them to feel?

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                          Haha, yep.

                          We ended up doing lots of explorations and iterations, and white boarding and brainstorming. What got us going was seeing lots of videos of past competitions, and going through the rules in a lot of detail. Also Googling everything, and checking out some Instructables DIY projects. Then, just buying some crap and trying to make it work, and failing a lot lol. We scoped out Arduino and after some discussion also decided to scope out doing any servo control with raspberry pi, which is the simplest of the small computers you can possible use (it’s just Debian!). Instead, RC controllers meant for DIY drones = great basic control mechanism for servos! Beyond that, for physical stuff, it was a lot of exploration, trying designs out, cardboard and duct tape prototypes, accidentally frying electronics – fun stuff!

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                        Replacing the frame for some outdoor steps that lead to my front door. The existing ones have rusted out.
                        Otherwise, probably building some sledding hills in the backyard for the kids, and checking if the pond is frozen enough to skate on.

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                          Very likely putting together a PR for Kitty to make it observe MacOS X keyboard shortcut conventions by default. I chatted with the author in E-mail and the change shouldn’t be too hard at all.

                          And maybe if I have time getting back to my C++ exercism problems, although my wife’s aunt is in town and we may end up spending a chunk of the weekend watching movies :)

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                            Working a livecoding set for a show in Japan.

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                              Creating local mirrors of NCBI databases so I can keep my company’s services running in case the federal shutdown lasts longer than the nih.gov SSL certificate.

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                                • I requested an ansible tower trial license a couple of days ago, if I receive it I’ll play a bit with that
                                • I’m going to another redhat training and need 2 more prerequisites, so I’ll probably do at least one of them
                                • we’re visiting my parents, it’s been a while and the kids always look forward to it
                                • take it a bit easier and relax a bit after another though week at work. I got some nice beers for Christmas and I think some will get emptied this weekend!
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                                  My kid just got the flu, so mostly that I guess. Maybe see my sister if the kid isn’t too bad on Sunday.

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                                    My sister-in-law is having a baby shower, so I think the whole family is going to that. After that, board games with my kids and wife.

                                    Personal Projects: I’m turning my Creality CR-10S into a dual extrusion printer… soon. Just have to print a couple more pieces first and then I’m set. I hope to have the last 2 pieces printed, and then go through my plans again. I may actually start putting the print head together this weekend.

                                    I’ll continue working on a few personal projects around home automation, and probably keep reading up on Kubernetes which is more for professional development, but has been a pretty good time thus far.

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                                      Nice! I just got the parts to add a glass bed and a PEI sheet, i’m finally doing that this weekend! Also updating my firmware to the latest Marlin so that my printer doesn’t have the sometimes-catches-on-fire problem of i3 clones.

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                                        Glass bed and a build sheet are both great additions. I’ve been using a BuildTak sheet for a while and have quite enjoyed that. Making your printer not light on fire is also a key part of letting things print overnight.

                                        How do you like your i3 clone?

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                                          I love it so far! So far I feel like I’ve just printed mod parts for the actual printer instead of printing other things but it’s been a blast! So far I’ve done the external mosfet mod, added an octoprint raspberry pi, a camera, spool holders, and planning on building a lack enclosure next.

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                                            So far I feel like I’ve just printed mod parts for the actual printer instead of printing other things

                                            This is how I can tell that you’re a real 3d Printer Enthusiast; I think about half the stuff we all print is for the printer.

                                            I’ve also gotten into printing board game pieces; I plan on giving my siblings some custom made board games for their birthdays (in the summer), and DnD minis, but a significant amount of printing has been for the printer itself - the pi mount, spool holders, supports, better knobs for levelling, and some pegboard things for various tools.

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                                      On Saturday, I’m going to attend my wife’s work’s winter holiday party. I’ll probably leave early due to social anxiety. That, and I want to love, pamper, and play with our new puppy.

                                      On Sunday, I’m going to update HardenedBSD’s primary web server. It’s gonna be upgraded from HardenedBSD 11-STABLE to 12-STABLE and switch to PHP 7.2 from PHP 5.6.

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                                        Saturday I will be drafting my next post for my blog http://kanoki.org and Sunday after my regular chores are completed i may publish the blog after review and corrections…sounds good..all set for weekend guys!!! Have fun..

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                                          Painting my upstairs hallway. Had a landing installed for upstairs laundry around a year and a half ago and never got around to painting the new walls.

                                          Apart from that, just hunkering down for the winter weather headed my way (midwest).

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                                            Presentation: Working on a 2.0 version of my “Human Learning” talk that I gave 3 times in 2018 (two of which were recorded: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBHctPrH7Z2-BcpRWJ0uFanCbTHqdJ_1T). Have been submitting it to conferences for 2019, so we’ll see if any take me up on it. Also have plans to expand it to an online video course.

                                            Live Coding: Going to some live coding on Twitch now that I have the basics working. Haven’t figured out my regular schedule yet, likely weekend mornings. Going to do it in stealth while I work the kinks out – finding good, recent information on doing this well on a MacBook Pro has not been easy. Have an in-progress blog post about it.

                                            Kid-Bank: Continuing to work on a money tracking project that tells my son how much he has, since we didn’t want to bother opening up a “youth” bank account (the ones I found don’t pay interest, as if kids are 2nd class citizens or something). This is what I’ll be coding live (see above) and is perhaps a bit overkill using Spring Boot, Microsoft Azure, et al, but is also fodder for upcoming training courses that I’m delivering.

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                                              Refactoring. A nasty. WordPress web. Site

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                                                Business or pleasure?

                                                1. 1

                                                  Torture the artist

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                                                Updating and backporting the Nim and Netdata Debian packages. Deploying wireguard. Contributing to Nim.

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                                                  Moving a bunch of stuff to our new flat. Using a hand truck and no motorized vehicles at all. It’s only 650 meters away but the old flat is six floors up with no elevator.

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                                                    Reading about Rails after three years of not using it. Using docker to get my personal projects up and running. Cataloguing all my books so that my wife and I have a reason to use SQL at home.

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                                                      Will be working towards properly releasing binaries for ffsend (GitHub) this weekend, for different platforms and package managers.

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                                                        1. Sorting through over 6k of photos from my trip to Tokyo
                                                        2. updating code for a project
                                                        3. working
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                                                          Working on how to remote control a computer over http and websocket. Meant as an interface between custom proptypes built in HTML5 and js to cut down on development time.

                                                          Got really sidetracked by starting to do my own libjpeg to nim bindings but it’s been an enjoyable day as everything started to work just now.

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                                                            I learned how to derive the formulae for time dilation and length contraction from Einsteins postulates with a though experiment involvong light clocks. I am now looking for a way to derive the Lorentz transformation from these principles and/or a thought experiment. I plan to write some blog posts about it.

                                                            Booked a ticket to see my girlfriend in March. She’s doing an internship abroad. Had a show with my company band, which went well.

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                                                              I’m applying to some more jobs while working on a getquote implementation that uses Blocktap’s GraphQL API.