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    I’ve switched getting Node tools via either my per-project, flake.nix or downsteam in the inputs of a derivation or if necessary in my global Nix config—because if I don’t, I’ll forget to update them and I’m wary of anything suggesting to install it globally.

    Aside: it’s ridiculous that npm denied people wanting them to use XDG base dirs on Linux because one of the maintainers personally likes it more at the root of the home directory.

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      You can just use nvm (or one of the other managers) and you won’t run into needing be root to globally install packages. These days npx eliminates a lot of the cases where you might have previously installed a package globally.

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        Yup - the author includes the suggestion of nvm or Volta at the end. I will note, however, that installing something globally is immediately invalidated as soon as you change your nvm version.

        The author also makes npx sound like such a burden, but it’s actually the best method moving forward as it’s either global OR local to a project, depending on if the project has installed it. I don’t buy the “extra words to run a command” argument - especially since they try to sell needing to cd into a specific directory as a valid option.

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        Snippet straight from my .zshrc for those who like xdgisms

        # BEGIN js #
        if hash npm 2>/dev/null; then
            export NPM_CONFIG_USERCONFIG="$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/npm/config"
            if [[ ! -f $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/npm/config ]]; then
                mkdir -p $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/npm $XDG_DATA_HOME/npm
                    print -- "prefix=$XDG_DATA_HOME/npm"
                    print -- "cache=$XDG_CACHE_HOME/npm"
                } > $NPM_CONFIG_USERCONFIG
            path=($XDG_DATA_HOME/npm/bin $path)
        if hash yarn 2>/dev/null; then
            alias yarn='yarn --use-yarnrc $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/yarn/config '
            # force some other XDG stuff
            if [[ ! -f $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/yarn/config ]]; then
                mkdir -p $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/yarn $XDG_DATA_HOME/yarn
                    print -- "prefix \"$HOME/.local\""
                    print -- "yarn-offline-mirror \"$XDG_DATA_HOME/yarn/local-mirror\""
                } > $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/yarn/config
        # END js #

        on the package.json limitations of npm: yarn (v1) actually does create a package.json for things installed globally at “$prefix/global/package.json”. Shame devs apparently hate global installs? I think neo-yarn is all about the new zipfile modules and stuff now? But it’s worth looking into yarn v1 if you want this behavior or just want to globally install stuff.