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    I’ve worked at a couple of shops that have moved away from AWS, but more for cost. Once you get large enough and can support a platform team, the price of having nice managed instances is more expensive than just co-locating machines in a data center. Amazon is appealing to young startups with all its services, but once you start using CFN templates and designing entirely around Amazon, you get into a state of vendor lock-in.

    This article doesn’t mention anything about costs, but instead performance on NetBSD. It also doesn’t have any benchmarks/numbers, which is a bit disappointing.

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      There is more to a product offering than simple VM rental. Not just startups, think big enterprise.

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      I find it odd that the author does not say that he’s a Google employee, probably paid by Google to work on NetBSD. I say that because I can’t see many outsiders pushing code into Google’s repos, which kind of makes the NetBSD support semi-official.

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        Well, he does says that this is his activity paid with his own money.

        Where he works is not relevant in that case, though he could mention that.