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    fwiw, you can run OpenBSD on many cloud hosting platforms which only advertise Linux, as long as they utilise KVM (or similar) virtualization. (openvz is more like a container than a proper virtual machine).

    Here is a good guide explaining the process. With different ISPs you might need to adjust the parameters you give to grub slightly.

    This is nice because vultr is quite expensive and goes down frequently (apparently, I’ve never used them). Any cheap KVM VPS with VNC access will work great with openbsd.

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      Hi, I’m the author of the article, and I haven’t had trouble with Vultr yet despite some service warnings about degraded network service due to some recent DDOS issues. I’ve been using it a few months. I’ve only been spending $5/month since I just need the smallest tier for my little server.

      I appreciate that Vultr has built-in support for mounting the OpenBSD ISO and just running with it. That said, the link you posted is still a fairly simple process, so that’s nice.

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        I have been running with Vultr for the past 2 years. I do experience semi frequent issues with my node there but it’s a non typical vm (a SATA node). What I can say though is Vultr has great customer support, to the point they helped me solve a routing issue with several upstream peering ISP’s by leveraging their contacts that I would not be able to solve myself (as my provider is small & didn’t care).