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      Ah, fonts - short of color schemes and ultimately editor (if you aren’t using acme-colors.vim you can go to hell), the best argument we can have. And this is a cool way to visualize them.

      When I use a monospace font I’ve been a long-time M+ 1m user, and am glad to see it represented up there.

      I’m really interested in OCR A Extended, though. I just tried it and It’s exceptionally readable at small sizes - unsurprisingly, I guess, given the need for it to be unambiguous for the purpose at hand. if I can make it a bit thinner (a la M+ 1m), bump the kerning up and maybe add a few fillips like a slash in the zero I may have The Ultimate Font. Does anyone have experience in font editing? That’s a dark art I’ve never looked at…

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        Nothing brightens up my morning’s coffee quite like seeing a couple of posts on here or HN regarding fonts ;) I do like starting my day off with a worthwhile bit of yak-shaving.

        Personally though I always come back to PragmataPro. It’s extraordinarily well featured and looks great at almost all sizes and resolutions.

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      I’ve recently started using Iosevka Term. At first, I thought it looked weird and too tall, but now I find that all other fonts that I loved in the past (Ubuntu Mono, Fantasque Sans Mono) are too squished vertically.

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        I’ve used M+ 1mn for the last few years, but this one looks really nice, I’ll give it a try. I especially like the different options for some characters, though the default options look all good to me. I also like that it supports some extended unicode characters like ↓⚑↔.

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          The Unicode support could be better though; if you open UTF-8-demo.txt, you’ll find a number of glyphs missing. Hopefully future versions fix that, but in the mean time, this font has everything I want and need.

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      Input Mono is the best because you can customize it.

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        No, my font is the best!

        I’ve been using Hack for some time and like it, but I’m curious what others thoughts are on it.

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      It’s not free, but Operator Mono SSm is my personal favorite.

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        I ran this for a few weeks and the novelty of it soon wore off. I like that it has some personality (specifically the italics) but really didn’t find it especially pleasant to use.

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        I do like the look of it, but the price is rather high - $199 for a single computer. Yikes! For $20 I’d be tempted, but not at that price.

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      I wonder, is it possible to include licensing info with these fonts? Are all of these open source or at least free to share/use/redistribute?

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      I use Ubuntu Mono on Mac OS X and Ubuntu for all my code stuff. It’s really a much better font than I think people give it credit for. Example from my blog which is mostly Haskell

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      I’ve been using a powerline patched version of Fire Mono for a while now and rather like it. Before that, it was M+1 m and Inconsolata.

      Nothing like a bit of font-tweaking to, er, boost my productivity.

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        I tried Fire Mono for a bit, at the moment I’m using Source Code Pro. I always end up going back to Inconsolata-g.

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          I used to use Inconsolata, but switched to Hack for Cyrillic support.

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      Well, this webpage help solidify my favoritism with Terminus

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        Only when I switched the theme from light to dark. When the theme was light I was wondering why I liked Terminus so much but when I switched to dark it stood out much better.

        Not sure if that’s just because I’m used to light-on-dark.

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      I have tried Terminus and Envy. I really like Consolas which has the right weight and serifs, but a several years ago I paid (well, my company did, ~$180 USD at the time) for Akkurat Mono and I love that font in Emacs on OSX. Just so clear at 12pt.

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      Metrickal is missing!

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      I use Consolas and enjoy it. That’s all