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    I think unison might work better.

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      hey thanks for the pointer! I have just come across Unison, it is quite heavy for my use case (different containerized setups), but it might come in handy in the future. Cheers!

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      2-way sync is very risky.

      You can sync to your desktop once and then work from there with automated sync to a server using entr:

      ls **/*.<extension> | entr rsync -avP . --exclude='.git' <hostname>:<path>

      entr monitor the files passed to stdin and calls the command (rsync in this case) on change.

      Also I’m planning to release a sync tool that is close to a filesystem in terms of sync speed.

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        See also Mutagen, a newer Unison-inspired sync software that sounds good: https://mutagen.io/

        I haven’t used mutagen myself, as last I needed to do this it was a brand new project, but I’d certainly give it a look today.

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          thanks for the link! Looks more recent than Unison, but also a bit on the heavy side for my use case. But it might c ome in handy!

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          You can combine sshfs and chironfs.

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            chironfs is interesting, but the problem with both sshfs and chironfs is that filesystem events won’t propagate between your copies. A lot of workflows for autobuild systems and change tracking in large repos need those FS events because polling/scanning is so expensive for large projects.

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              chironfs doesn’t seem maintained anymore.