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    Is this Linux? The website doesn’t seem to have any substantive documentation

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      I get the impression that Elementary’s view of itself is that it’s Linux in the same way macOS is BSD.

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        It’s literally just Ubuntu with a different window manager and some first party apps. The previous release was built on 18.04 LTS and the new one 20.04 LTS. You can even run lsb_release -a

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          Hence why I said “view of itself” and not “is actually.” :)

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            Not disagreeing with you; just providing context on why that’s a ridiculous view.

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          I’d be interested reading more about that without having to read the source as the very first step

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          Elementary OS is based on Debian/Ubuntu Linux.

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            Our platform itself is entirely open source, and it’s built upon a strong foundation of Free & Open Source software (like GNU/Linux). Plus, we actively collaborate within the ecosystem to improve it for everyone.

            on the homepage: https://elementary.io/

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              Right but it’s all puff. I can’t find any technical documentation

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            Is there a deb/flatpack package to install Elementary mail on Ubuntu ? Or is this only a rebranded Geary?