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    There’s something to be said for short URLs too. Title as slug is handy to a point, but if your title is 45 words long, maybe cut it back a bit. Looking at you, wapo.

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      I think the main point is that a single english world doesn’t put you apart from others, and it anything you might just end up using the same name as someone else that’s already more popular (but not popular enough for you to notice).

      It doens’t help that it’s more of a trend than anything, “pants.io” is just today’s “readr”, remember that trend?

      There’s also the craze of making the TLD part of the name which so far has only given me headaches as I try to remember websites without asking to Google for them. (Lobst.er or Lobste.rs?)

      A trend that works imo is when the gTLD is one full word of the name: tilde.club, teenage.engineering (zombocom?)

      While I’m not advocating for long urls, I think originality is still #1 if you want a name that can be remembered, no matter the cost. I personally find it much easier to remember my absurd domain name (hyperbolic-mayonnaise-interceptor.ovh, never made any typo.. somehow) than the proper spelling of whatsapp.

      Or why not try just random letters? It works for xkcd and SMBC!

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        Yes, I do.

        Who has the time to type in twenty-six characters, especially if it’s all misspelt, and has to be done without a physical keyboard?

        P.S. TL;DR.