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    If you really cared about security/privacy, you wouldn’t be using a VPN. Who’s the say they’re actually keeping their word and aren’t a compromised bottleneck?

    Use Tor, I2P, or a similar darknet if you cared

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      I think the takeaway from this story is the misleading branding by the Opera browser. They are calling it a VPN which sets some expectations for people. Why didn’t they call it a proxy in their marketing material in the first place?

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        Because VPNs are all the rage from a “privacy” perspective. (That, and bypassing geolocation.)

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          The same reason servers are all called clouds these days.

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          A lot of ppl I know use a vpn through tor so that tor exit node traffic doesn’t get filtered, also end to end encryption to the vpn through tor

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            this is granted you don’t purchase or interact with that vpn except through tor and with cryptocurrency etc