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    +1 for teaching me that loading multiple themes at a time is supported, and load-theme is not fractally broken as I’ve believed for years. I wish I also could give +1 for the beautiful material-light theme, and a further +1 for finally introducing me to Hydra.

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      I love the idea of hydra but have to admit I find it kind of intimidating :)

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        I’ve been home ill this week, and found a bit of time to play with the Hydra Theme Switcher from this post. It’s so fun! I wanted to add all available themes to it to quickly try them out in different situations. (Often a theme is good for some things, but suck for Org mode, or not ideal for Email, or certain languages.) However, I didn’t want to add all of the themes manually, so between blowing my nose and mainlining head-ache pills I figured out how to dynamically build a Hydra Theme Switcher that automatically shows all installed themes (well, up to 62 themes anyway).

        For what it’s worth, I found the Hydra documentation pretty good, and the examples they provide also. The interface is pretty darn simple, too, so don’t delay: Hydra today!

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      I personally use zenburn (Screenshot)

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        I don’t understand the popularity of Zenburn; it is really hard to see for me. Does anyone else experience this?

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          I have a strong preference for zenburn, but in spite of regularly searching for replacement themes, my eyes seem to find zenburn the most pleasant. I have not been able to determine why.

          I would also be interested if anyone were to come up with a plausible hypothesis. (at least solarized has some sort of perceptual story to it :)

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            zenburn is pretty nice, though, somewhat muted. Monokai is a clean and readable theme if you like it a little bit less muted.

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            That’s the whole point of themes. Everybody can get what they want/need. Zenburn is totally unusable for me - I need a super high contrast theme.

            I like the Deeper Blue Theme which I find to have good contrast and high readability for my crappy vision :)

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              After some years I found myself preferring light themes and at the moment I’m settled with spacemacs-light (which works even if you don’t use spacemacs).

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              I really like it, but agree that it’s too washed out — so I just shift the background colours down a notch to a darker version with more contrast. Specifically, in Emacs:

              (use-package zenburn-theme
                (defvar zenburn-override-colors-alist
                  '(("zenburn-bg-2"  . "#000000")
                    ("zenburn-bg-1"  . "#101010")
                    ("zenburn-bg-05" . "#282828")
                    ("zenburn-bg"    . "#2F2F2F")
                    ("zenburn-bg+05" . "#383838")
                    ("zenburn-bg+1"  . "#3F3F3F")
                    ("zenburn-bg+2"  . "#4F4F4F")
                    ("zenburn-bg+3"  . "#5F5F5F")))
                (load-theme 'zenburn t))
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            I must have tried dozens of themes for Emacs in the past couple of years, and I’ve finally decided that inverting the colors of the default theme gives the most pleasing result IMO. Add this to your init.el.

            (invert-face 'default)