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    Very neat look at the guts of ObjC. I wish there were more articles like this poking around at its innards, it’s an interesting language that doesn’t seem to get enough credit for its power.

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      Mike Ash has written quite a lot on Objective-C internals in his Friday Q & A blog series. He doesn’t post much anymore unfortunately, but there’s still lots of good reading in the archives.

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        It really is. I don’t know why people write C++ when they could be writing Objective-C or Rust. I guess they’re moving to Rust now, which is good. Actually, I do know why they write C++, because I used to write it for years myself: ignorance.

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          Or the fact it’s more portable? Or the large community around it?

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            C++, portable? Hah!

            The community around C++ seems to be dying to me, and I’m quite grateful for that. No need to stay attached to such a mistake, better to learn from it and move on.

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              This is pretty vitriolic. The C++ community seems to be growing larger.

              Call me when Rust supports more than typical amd64 targets in anything more than anger.

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                Not sure what you mean by a programming language supporting anger, but if it did I’m pretty sure C++ would steal 1st place.

                This article is from 2017, it was the first link I noticed when I searched “rust arm”. If it worked back then, I’m pretty sure it works even better now.