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    If it says “release” in the title, consider the release tag. If it only runs on one machine, maybe don’t use the distributed tag.

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      Good place to start if you haven’t met up with libdill before…


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        Well, what’s new? The link jumps directly to the front page but there doesn’t seem to be any information on what a version 1.0 means. In fact there doesn’t seem to be mention of versions anywhere except in the code and in git as a tag. Would it be possible to get a high level summary or list of improvements/changes for version 1.0 for people who know about libdill but are not deeply familiar with the code to understand what is new? It seems like the last version was 0.11-beta and then the jump to 1.0.

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          Here’s the changelog: http://libdill.org/libdill-history.html