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    I never saw the point in UHK. No thumb clusters, no ortholinearity, ANSI keyboard layout… Buying one seems to gain only one of the many benefits you can gain using ergodoxes or moonlander.

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      I have an acquaintance who has a UHK, but doesn’t use the split functionality at all. He likes the programability and overall design. He hates my ergodox, or any split keyboard.

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        I completely agree with you, but a friend of mine posits this easier to get into (being more familiar) and he likes the modularity.

        Maybe something in the UHK will advance the development of the competition.

        Also I’d love it if I could replace my regrettable choice of Cherry Blues on my old ErgoDox without soldering, and a small thumb trackball could be an interesting experiment.

        YMMV and let’s be happy about keyboard diversity, no one’s forcing anyone to buy or use against their will ;)

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        Baffled by all the expense for 90s-office-looking keycap design. Sure they’re double shot, but the font and position does not make the keyboard look attractive or modern.

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          Ha! So Version 1 should have been called the PenUltimate Hacking Keyboard then?

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            This is just a product announcement, but it’s of a split keyboard and seeing the moonlander topic do well, I thought, this is acceptable to post.