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Hey folks,

Barnacles is a link-aggregation site for small, self-funded businesses that define success on their own terms. The goal is to continue and grow the generous, collaborative community that gathers at events like MicroConf and BaconBiz. If you’d like an invite, message me here or put your email in the request queue that I’m rubber-stamping every few minutes. If it’s not your scene but you know someone who’d be interested, please take a moment to drop them a DM or an email saying, “Hey, I think this might be your kind of business community”.

My goal is to split the small entrepreneurs and other independent businesses away from the filter bubble of Y Combinator News for the same reasons I talked about in this blog post: the things that are interesting and good ideas for VC-funded moonshots are uninteresting to or dangerous for independent and side businesses. There’s a community of folks spending time on YC News because it’s the closest thing there is to what they’re working on; I want that community to have a dedicated home.

On the tech side, setting up the Lobters codebase was straightforward and has already resulted in a few small PRs. Like Lobsters, Barnacles is on GitHub.

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    And for folks setting up their own site, here are the available lobste.rs-like domain names I could find:

    • alpac.as
    • hyen.as
    • iguan.as
    • impal.as
    • pum.as
    • barnacl.es
    • anteate.rs
    • flounde.rs
    • grasshoppe.rs
    • hamste.rs
    • salamande.rs
    • tapi.rs
    • terrie.rs

    There isn’t really any nice term for this business niche to build off, I think things like “micropreneur” and “entreprogrammer” (that one might be tongue-in-cheek) are not good, and “startups” and such has been dominated by the VC culture. Barnacl.es seemed nice and tenacious like small biz owners, and I like that it was also nautical.

    I generated the list by finding a kid-oriented site with a big list of animals (because if a kid wouldn’t find it neat, nobody will know its name anyways), checking country codes, and checking for animals ending in that. So it’s a totally error-prone process, maybe there’s more out there. Good luck. :)

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      I own yakshav.es, does it qualify as ananimal name? :D

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      I’m all for new curated sources of information. Hopefully this works out as good as the others.

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        BTW it appears you forgot to update the favicon

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          Oops, yeah. The purple I hacked into the light-up B is also hideous… not that I could tell before I posted, of course. I’ll get ‘em this evening. Thanks.

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          pushcx: Issues are disabled on the repo, so describing here. =^)

          When unauthenticated there are two links to https://barnacl.es/invitations/request in the primary navigation; one under “Sign Barnacles” and another under “Sign Up Now”. There’s a third instance in the footer links as well, under “Join Barnacles”.

          I’d suggest one link, in the main nav, with the “Join Barnacles” text.

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            Oops, issues are on now. Thanks for the double report. And I fixed the text, it was a botched edit to use the words “Sign Up” - because people scan on the web, I already had people tell me they couldn’t figure out how to register when it said “Join Barnacles”. Humans!

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            @pushcx: I failed github.

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              I rescued and pushed your commits, though they are not yet pushed to GitHub because I hacked in some other copy fixes and I want to tidy before I share.

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                I think you might be able to create a one-off organization, and fork the barnacl.es fork into there (haven’t tried it personally, but from what I read I think it will work). Apparently github won’t let a single user or organization have more than one repo of the same name, and in github a fork is always the same name.