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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    https://github.com/langjam/langjam if I can find the time!

    Also reading up on JavaScript sandboxing (e.g. V8 isolates) — so let me know if you have some good resources on sandboxing :)

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      Thanks for sharing LangJam, never heard of it before! Might have to give it a try in the near future.

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      Relaxing and enjoying time with my wife and friends because it’s her birthday :)

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        Working more on my novel, which is advancing more steadily as I get better at writing badly.

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          “Getting better at doing x badly” is such a great description of how practice actually works. 👏🏼

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            I may have misunderstood, but I would hope that practice based activities would get better with time.

            In my case, which is a common for creative writing, there is a philosophy of turning off the inner critic.

            If I worry about the quality of my writing, I will not write. So I am training myself to work without concern for quality. This advances the writing better, and once the words are on the page, they can always be revised and improved. I also find that once I am writing, the quality can be quite decent.

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              That’s actually exactly what I meant. The only way to get better at things is to be okay with doing them “badly” so that incremental improvement can happen. Every time I start playing a piano piece (or writing music likewise) where I start is bad. By way of practice the level of things we can approach changes, but we’re always bad at the next level of challenge when we start. I heard it said by some famous bicyclist: “It never stops being hard, you just get faster.”

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          Catching up on some reading. Right now im jumping between “Sin in the Second City” (the rise and downfall of the most famous brothel in Chicago) and “The Man From The Future” (an amazing bio about John Von Neumann)

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            Same as the weekly I think.

            Continuing to dribble out tweets (in this tweet thread about some markup projects I found interesting when doing a deep trawl for novel LWMLs last year.

            I intended to re-start a blog post on markup colors this week, but it’s been a rough week and I’ve been distracted by a few things. So, tomorrow, hopefully.

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              I’ve managed to collect enough interesting stuff on old floppy disks to put together the second “issue” of my found media zine that I publish over at https://lsof.sh

              I’ve got some images from a family vacation in NYC just before 9/11, as well as some floppies containing some early memes from right after 9/11. I’ve also collected some other sort of interesting varia but I need to solidify my approach to publishing: do I keep the issues focused on a central topic? Or is it OK for them to have some additional bits of info attached as a bonus? That kind of thing.

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                Hiking, making some pizza margherita, and finally taking some time to learn SIMD for optimization. If anyone has good resources to share on SIMD feel free to share :)

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                  Tested positive for COVID, no symptoms anymore but need to stay at home. I have a small idea for a weekend side project to improve my Go skills.

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                    Starting my vacation, hopefully I manage to put away the computer for this weekend to focus on friends and family :)

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                      I’ve picked up some used hard drives for NAS usage from a new-to-me vendor, and I’m writing encrypted zeroes to them to verify the surface and that the firmware isn’t lying about capacity. More the second, as smartctl tests already passed.

                      Maybe I’ll gather notes on migrating Time Machine from external drives to a network folder. It’s surprising how many detours can be involved.

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                        Mother-in-law managed to source chicken feet for us, so we’re taking a stab at making Phoenix Claws for the first time in years.

                        Also going to move the needle on the next part of my personal project, a board game in Clojure. I’m using Malli rather than Spec for defining shapes of entities, and liking it so far. It’s not quite as powerful as spec, particularly at generation, but for simple things it’s superb to have the specs as data.

                        Also spent this morning sorting amendments to travel next month, as the airline cancelled one of our flights. Instead of a mid-afternoon flight we now have a 6am flight, and additionally have to pay for a night of hotel at the airport because I refuse to set off at 2am for a 2 hour drive to the airport. It’s super annoying because we paid extra to avoid early morning flights when we booked the trip (in April), but now we get that at higher cost. I can’t really not go either, because it’s my mother’s 70th birthday and we haven’t seen them in person for 2.5 years because of the pandemic.

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                          Working on my first take to solve the “micro-libraries” problem !

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                            Deciding the best way to avoid being disappointed by my window manager (looking at you, GNOME) is to write my own window manager, because I’m nuts.

                            About 50% done. Menus, windows work.

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                              • I finally got around to working through Bodil Stokke’s really fantastic tutorial for building a minimal parser combinator library in Rust from scratch. Had a fantastic day of 🤯 and 😁 working through it.
                              • running, as usual: target 3–4 miles tomorrow, hopefully some good anaerobic pushing, and then a 7–8 mile “long” run (ramping up after COVID and then a very sick winter and spring afterward) on Sunday
                              • maybe making some iterative progress on a large scale symphonic work tomorrow
                              • end of month finances catch up
                              • continuing to make progress on my photography backlog
                              • church on Sunday, as always!
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                                Working on a blog post to clearly communicate the primitive root theorem. It’s a pretty slippery non intuitive proof, but very satisfying

                                explanantion: https://exploringnumbertheory.wordpress.com/2013/11/03/the-primitive-root-theorem/

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                                  Camping for the weekend and taking part in a 24 hour 10km trail relay run in a team of 8. So far it’s rained a lot, days after the UK experienced the hottest weather in recorded history.

                                  Tent hasn’t leaked though, so there’s that.

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                                    My nephew (3) and niece (5) are coming over for a fun afternoon with my son (1.5) and wife. Going to be a fantastic, chaotic, loud and great time!