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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      Fixing a longstanding bug in the Lobsters header by redesigning the nav. There are lengthy design notes and screenshots in the GitHub issue, and the linked PR has the full implementation. I also used this as an excuse to fix a hundred small alignment issues an add a list of stories with active discussions. I will probably deploy this change Thursday, Friday, or Saturday when traffic is lower because no matter how many times I’ve gone over all the combinations dark/light + desktop/mobile for all ~70 page types, there’ll inevitably be a bugfix or two needed.

      I’m waving my hands above my head about this one because I know changes to core UI are always disconcerting, even with a bug that’s had a fix planned for 2.5 years. I’ve been calling out this change in the chat room and tweeted about it. Hopefully this comment (with the hat so it appears in the mod log) helps, too.

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        I’ll be autogenerating screenshots across device/OS/browser/dimension combinations to test an unrelated site this week. If it would be helpful, feel free to PM me whenever ready with: (1) a staging URL, (2) a list of the platform combinations you want tested, (3) a way to share back png files.

        It won’t be much incremental work for me to add Lobsters unless you need multiple iterative test passes, so happy to add it to my queue.

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      I’m taking Wednesday through Friday off for mental health reasons. Holy fuck things have gotten bad.

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        I took today off for similar reasons, and probably going to take a few more in the coming weeks. I might even start blocking news sites on my machines for a little bit.

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      Making sure we have a few days of water stored, donating to Ukrainian military.

      If Putin gets stuck or loses in Ukraine, how far is he willing to go to save himself? If he wins, how much further is he willing to continue?

      If I have learned anything the past 10 years - with Trump, Brexit, Covid.. it’s that anything you think can never happen very, very much can as long as physics allow it to. Hoping for the best, ensuring we are prepared for the worst.

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        Just look at his role model. Also did not stop after Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia.

        One has to be thankful for all the preppers putting up videos on how to prep properly. iodine pills, water filters, LNG cans and such things are already sold off.

        I sit here, almost unable to work, full of wrath, occasionally sending money 50…150€ wise if there is an ATM found still capable of handing out cash. 3/4 of transactions can not be collected, and come back after few days.

        Waiting to get the call to collect them at the border, hopefully slowak/ukrainian border. 1 day to there, 1 day back.

        Worst thing is: If I went back to 2019 in my DeLorean time machine, me(2019) would not believe anything me(2022) will tell.

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      Flying to Florida to visit the in-laws and make very liberal use of their pool :)

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      First day at a new job.

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      Working on a RISC-V emulator written in Zig for fun, while also learning the ins and outs of the architecture. So far it’s a pretty cool experience and I recommend anyone interested in CPU architecture to look into themselves, it’s a lot simpler than x86 is, so it’s fairly nice for a side project.

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      Cycling holiday in Lanzarote with a friend. Second time out here, first time cycling. Going to be interesting.

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      Almost done with second draft of Vim Reference Guide. Will be starting the third (hopefully final) draft, aiming to publish around mid-March.

      Haven’t decided yet which novel to read this week. If you enjoy light-hearted slice-of-life fantasy book, I’d highly recommend Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree (who’s well known for his audio book narrations).

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      I don’t know. Making plans doesn’t quite work recently.

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      Had to write a tool in go for work, and I really enjoyed the experience. It seems to scratch all my itches. I have written a lot of Lua which I always followed the C like error handling pattern that go uses, so that was nice. Haven’t had to get into anything complicated with concurrency yet. But, there are a lot of great projects out there I can read for inspiration on how to do different things. So, this week I’m going to continue on the web project I’ve started with go.

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      Work : Destroy every item of my Todo list.

      Non Work : Keep going to the gym, a cinema and looking at VCVRack to wrap my head around modular synthesis and see if I will not learn some C++ to try my hand at coding some module.

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      Prepping to start a new job next week. So lots of administration and things. Also the weahter is improving, so it’s time to pick up the outdoor training schedule again.

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      Into my third week at $WORK, looking forward to pushing a new version with the team. Taking a test at $SCHOOL, shouldn’t be too bad. Continuing on building a new work desk.

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      Learning about drawing directly onto the Canvas in Android for building custom widgets

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      I’m going to try to write a markdown parser in my toy language and then use it to generate a static website with a mini tutorial + some examples showing off the language itself. I briefly considered porting Marked from JS but it doesn’t map quite as cleanly to my language as I thought it might and besides, it’ll probably be more fun and educational to write one from scratch.

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      Taking half-days at work after a work trip involving two weeks of 10 hour days, working on finishing up any last business that has resulted from the trip. And I suppose whatever disasters have cropped up in my absence.

      Non-work? More or less the same. Play too much Avorion, probably. Hopefully get back into the swing of working on my programming language. Hopefully get my newly-installed solar system inspected so it can be turned on.

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      I want to update my rss-to-email service to do nice things for podcasts (and other feeds with linked media). Right now we just spit out the URL (or description) for anything that isn’t an image. However doing this will require quite the refactor of how to organize and rank the various media elements. For RSS specifically feeds are so non-standard that doing a reasonable thing for any possible feed that may be a blog, podcast or mastodon toot with an image attached is very difficult. But I’m going to give it a shot.

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      Wrapping up a bunch of stuff, and then taking the back half of the week off and going to a winter resort with the kids.

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      Probably actually build my helicopter swashplate LEGO Technic model. I’m reasonably confident that this version will work properly: there is only one part - the cradle - that I haven’t tested out physically. I’ll probably start by validating that part of the design, since the other parts I’ve validated in previous iterations.

      If that is successful, I’ll do my presentation demo and flesh out the post by filling out the placeholders.