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    From a coworker:

    I think I just use type-safe languages so that I never have to write a blog post like that

    Refactoring 30k lines in any way sounds… terrible. But if you read the first paragraph carefully, it looks like this wasn’t the author’s original task. Maybe it’s his way of procrastinating.

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      Maybe it’s his way of procrastinating.

      Eh. Maybe. But stopping to add safety before doing something potentially dangerous to the codebase sounds more like being a responsible developer than a procrastinator. :-)

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        Fair enough!

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        Sometimes a codebase can be so hairy that it takes more time to add the thing than it does to clean it and add the thing. It’s a judgement call, but it sounds like he got approval.

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          I definitely hope he got approval! That’s definitely not a “let’s do this instead of working just today” kind of project.

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            Well even then it is work… let’s not pretend he went out and played Frisbee.