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      However, I believe there is value in sharing shorter “code nuggets,” and in the future, I’ll aim to do that more instead of always striving for elaborate and polished essays.

      I agree, there’s value here and I really should do more of this too.

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        I’ve got a file “things I learned today. “ each thing fits on one line. I considered making a pipeline to publish these but realized I’d invented Twitter again

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      I can’t see why anyone would want this and, at the same time, I want this.

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      Fun, and reasonably harmless — since it’s a visual trick and it doesn’t mess with the original text box, the input still works with IMEs.

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      You should update its position on scroll too

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      I could totally see this with an animated crab walking sideways. 🦀

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      delightful experiment! It’s always fun to push the boundaries and explore possibilities with CSS and JavaScript.