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      Is this entering a competition for the most misleading graph? It shows the total number increasing by around 2%, yet makes it appear to be an increase of several orders of magnitude.

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        I thought that having the X axis very clearly labeled with those seven figure numbers would avoid any chance of people misreading it. I mostly outsourced that decision to Observable Plot, which I think makes good choices most of the time.

        I added another chart to the notebook just now which plots from zero - unsurprisingly it’s a straight horizontal line, which I don’t think is nearly as useful.


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          Probably needs more data before the chart itself is more interesting than the technique.

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            Yeah that’s definitely true - I’m much more excited about how this works than the actual data it’s collected so far.

            I’m hoping there will be some interesting shapes starting to emerge in a few days time.

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      Just a hint, I know you’re not scraping instances themselves, but if you did plan to, please note that a lot of them have that explicitly forbidden in their rules pages (in addition to robots entry). I know it may not mean much but people are sensitive about it.

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        Yeah that’s one of the reasons I’m only working with the instances.json data from https://instances.social/ - which works on an opt-in basis from the instances themselves.

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      Aaaaaand it broke 😅 (the plots are empty and the number of users jumped to over 70 million)

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        Yeah there are some new fake spam instances! I’ll fix that in the morning, got an open issue about it here: https://github.com/simonw/scrape-instances-social/issues/4