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Reposting from HN. Someone took the Lobsters codebase and made it so that users must pay a small price for submitting or upvoting stories.

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      I feel like this kind of system would just end in a stalemate. Nobody wants to submit anything (that isn’t spam) because it costs money, so the site remains empty. If someone takes a risk and pays the money to submit a link, nobody else wants to spend the money to vote on it especially since they’ve already reaped the benefit by seeing the link and reading the content at no cost. That link remains the only one there and it gets no votes on it. Other users come, see a stale link, and rather than pay to change what they see (by submitting new content), they just don’t visit the site again.

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        They could randomly award a poster % of all submitted bitcoins for the best post. Though that makes it like a slot-machine you play with bitcoins and links.

        Or they could have it where if your post hits so many up-votes you get double the submitted bitcoin back. Kind of like if you really believe this is valuable you could be rewarded with bitcoins.

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      What could possibly go wrong?

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      What a novel idea!

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      This is awesome. Now just do this for email and I’d be set.