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Looks like this policy is now in effect? It would be nice to get announcements of changes like this. Led to some confusion for me this morning when someone said that downvotes were back, but I couldn’t see them.


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    Here’s the commit adding it for anyone curious. The lower portion reverts this commit disabling downvotes.

    The current requirement is 100 karma.

    Also worth highlighting that jcs sees Lobsters as pretty much feature complete.

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      I’m fine with this. It discourages people from making comments disappear before they’ve been participating long enough to really understand the community’s preferences.

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        I’d like to see a downvote option for “Snarkiness / Smartass” please. None of the current options represent the biggest reason I see to downvote, the addition of which would be useful as empirical data.

        I’d like the community to consider this please.

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          I think that might be lumped in with “troll”

          1. 2

            I fully agree with that request. Trolls are easy to identify, but smartass comments derail the conversation frequently.

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            Haha, how many years do I have to quietly read and occasionally post before I get cred for not being a throwaway and “knowing the community,” and participating with downvotes, which offer several reasons that aren’t about community, reasonably? It’s like actual new folks are meant to shitpost a few jokes for easy karma to get past the bar.

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              I had a similar feeling. I’ve read the site daily for a couple years, but don’t tend to comment, so am well under the karma bar. It makes me wonder if the current way that karma is created and used is really lining up with what is intended.

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                In fairness if you don’t comment, why you gotta downvote others' comments? Post rebuttals!

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                  Half the time people are downvoted, they complain about sock puppet armies. Which I think is not true, but this way it’s a slightly less convenient excuse.

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                I’m 55% of the way there! Granted all my karma comes from comments and I’m too passive to have downvoted in the first place.

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                  IMO this is a really thoughtful and apt solution to the problem. 100 Karma isn’t all that hard to earn, even just from being an active participant in the community. If you care enough to downvote, you should care enough to contribute constructively.

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                    Note: it’s for comments, not stories. I was super confused for a moment when my stories had no downvote buttons still.

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                      Well, I have a karma of 47 and see no downvote buttons on stories. Not that I am complaining.

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                      wooh I have enough Karma already!

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                        Karma is a retarded system of online Communication. It’s like everyone is just fucking poking each other with forks. NO REAL CONVERSATIONS HAPPEN THAT WAY. What exactly are you going to evolve other than crabs and prawns ?

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                          And this is where the downvote button comes in handy.