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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      I got my GPT4 API key this morning, so lots of experimenting with that.

      To keep myself social this weekend, I will start a brainstorm on what to build with it during dinner.

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      Sleeping! The last few weeks have been crazy:

      • Giving a CHERIoT talk at BlueHat IL (amazing experience).
      • SOSP deadline.
      • Giving a CHERIoT demo at Cyber UK (met many excited people).
      • MICRO deadline (today).

      Next Monday and the Monday after are both bank holidays in the UK, so I’m taking the 4 days in between as holiday and will have 10 full days off as soon as the MICRO paper is submitted!

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      Preparing our flat for photos as we’re selling it.

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      Participating at the enigame.de puzzle hunt!

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      Chillaxin after first week at the new job!

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      This weekend we have May holidays in Poland, so I’ll be using that time to finally work on some projects. I wanna get back to working on my modular synthesis Minecraft mod, dawd³. This week after work I took some time to figure out the last problems with restoring the logical state of devices when the world is loaded, so now I want to get to actually making some devices. Knobs would be a fun idea to start with since there needs to be some way of generating constant voltages.

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      4-day weekend. Employer gave everyone the Friday off. Combined with May 1st, I got lots of free time.

      Getting and setting up a new bike for the daughter, overdue errands, canoeing with the whole family. Should be fun.

      I also want to play the new Star Wars game (Jedi Survivor), but it seems my gaming rig experiences intermittent unexpected blue screens or even full resets regardless of the game I want to play. Motherboard, CPU and GPU are pretty new. Running some benchmarks on the side.

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      This’ll be a long weekend in Italy but on Sunday and Monday I’ll be out all day recording with my choir so I won’t be able to get much done.

      On Saturday I’m planning to get bookings and tickets sorted to Krakow for Lambda Days. I’m thinking of flying there in the weekend and visiting Krakow and meeting up with a friend who lives there before the conf. This is the first time I’m going to a conference and I’m alone and won’t know anybody there so I’m hoping I can make friends with somebody who knows what they’re doing a bit more and tag along with them lol. I’m kind of shy but when I’m put in a fight-or-flight social situation like that my latent social skills kick in and I can usually manage myself (I hope).

      Anybody else planning to go?

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        I might be going, but not 100% decided!

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      Strangeloop applications and fixing my bike. If I have spare time, I’ve been getting into making mosaics and have some glass I need to sort.

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      I was in a bad bike crash and only just got out of hospital. I am off work sick. So, to keep my brain active while in bed most of the day, I have revived my bootable PC DOS and Enhanced DR OpenDOS projects. I’m trying to build complete working useful distraction-free writing environments on an image that can be written to a USB key to make a usable, fully-installed OS, with free apps, that needs no installation. Boot & use on anything that at least has UEFI with CSM emulation.

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        Hope you recover quickly!

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          :-) Cheers!

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      Planning on spending some time with friends, and hopefully get the Supernova (sailing dinghy) on the water for the first time this year. That reminds me, I should find my drysuit and race watch 🤔

      I have a couple of features I want to add to my scavenger hunt app, around sharing results and being able to click through someone else’s submissions. Currently the admins scoring the hunt get to look at everyone’s pictures but no-one else does.

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      Riding my track bicycle and getting ready for the TD Five Boro :)

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      This is kind of crazy, but I’m going to study Rodin and Event B. Not likely to write code in it, but if I can adapt some of the examples of Event B to TLA+, then I can start using TLA_+ at work.

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      Turns out I’m learning Nix.

      It’s… a bit of a mess.

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      I successfully got cargo-swift working so now I’m looking to work on some iOS apps using rust libraries

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      My mother in law is in town, and it’s my final weekend of parental leave for my newborn. I’m going to take a few hours to myself on my bicycle or motorcycle and stay off the computers hopefully.

      It’s so easy to just be on the computer when you’re holding a bottle in one hand. I definitely need some downtime away from the family.

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      Moving to Boulder!

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      Touring London, first visit in years. Already did more shopping today than I did the entire past year!

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      Home Depot. Costco. Local Elections. Handyman helping me with a task. And rigging a webapp to change oauth2 providers to one I’ve been exploring.

      It’s gunna be crazy. The webapp one especially.

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      Fixing my dad’s iphone with a new battery