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    Should definitely be submitted to Signal and Protonmail developers. I’m using a degoogled phone here (not really by choice, never managed to install Gapps) and signal notifications are very random. (unlike Whatsapp, which are always working perfectly)

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      Signal notifications are more or less accurate for me without Gapps.
      After a reboot I just have to open the app to get that persistent notification going and after that the notifications are usually pretty accurately timed, but yeah, 100% of the time.

      Also, by chance, are you using the apk from their website? That one downloads and updates itself without the need for Google Play. I don’t recall whether the apk from the Play store has the same functionality enabled in it or not.

      Edit: https://signal.org/android/apk/ <– link to apk with self-contained update from their website. seeing as it took me a while to find it again.

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        Using it through Aurora store (which is a front-end to Play store). Waiting for it to reach f-droid ;-)

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          That will either be an indefinite wait, or you can look at something like https://molly.im/download/fdroid/

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            I wish F-Droid would publicise third-party repos more. The main reason that Signal and Firefox don’t want to distribute via F-Droid is that they want to control the rollout of security updates and don’t want to depend on F-Droid doing it for them. If they’re building APKs, it’s pretty trivial for them to push to their own repo and then people can install via F-Droid without needing any intermediaries. Actually, the thing that would make me really happy would be if the GitHub package support allowed creating F-Droid repos as well as NuGet and the handful of other things that they support now…

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              Please told people about that. Signal, protonmail, Firefox, Tresorit are all apps that I want on my phone but I must access through Aurora store (a Google Play front-end)

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          FYI, I don’t know why but on my last edit I removed “not” from “not 100% of the time”.

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        Apologies for being so direct but what exactly is someone’s model of change in the world, in systems with incentives, to spend so many words on a „pretty please“ that is doomed to be ignored?

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          This message is aimed at android developers who care about privacy and not being dependent on Google services, which is a pretty wide range of people. They are not inherently incentived against using an alternative to google services, and indeed might genuinely be unaware of the existence of UnifiedPush (like I was until now) until they read a blog post advocating it.