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      I’ve been using my Framework 12th Gen Intel since it launched in May 2022, and it’s been my absolute favorite laptop. I’m gratified to see I can upgrade it to the AMD mainboard; and also pick up a case that will allow me to reuse my existing Intel board; and replace the battery with a larger capacity battery. They’re really sticking by their promise of upgradability in a laptop!

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        Agreed, haven’t been this happy in a hardware announcement since they’ve first announced themselves

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      the USB-enthusiast’s laptop of choice

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        Isn’t everyone a USB enthusiast these days

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          Headphone enthusiasts seem to prefer 3.5mm jacks over USB.

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            USB audio devices basically have the “sound card” (digital-analog converter or analog-digital converter, or DAC/ADC) built into them. If you plug your headphones into a 3.5mm jack, it is using an analog signal, so it is going to the sound hardware on the motherboard. Motherboards can often (but not always) afford to put more work into better audio hardware than headphone, especially cheap ones.

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            Except no laptop or motherboard ever has a good output.

            They’re noisy due to poor isolation (irrespective of the chips involved having excellent specs), anemic (can’t power my HD600) or both.

            Topping DX3 Pro+ is flat, provides plenty of power and has excellent measurements.

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      Very excited to see the new countries they’re shipping to! That’s been the big blocker for me to jump on the framework train

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        For the lazy:

        Framework will expand into Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Taiwan, with pre-orders this Summer

        It’s ironic Taiwan wasn’t one already, since I believe they’re produced/assembled there?

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          Shout out to borders.

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          Is there a roadmap for other countries available? Like Sweden or Poland?

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        I live in Italy and I got the Framework I’m typing this on a month ago, I needed a new laptop so I asked a friend from Germany to forward it to me lol. I think I’ll be getting the blank keyboard when they start shipping here.

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      Does anybody have information about a potential ortholinear keyboard for the framework? Really looking forward to it.

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      Still no display upgrades for OLED and 100% DCI-P3 coverage. Are they really only offering DDR4 RAM too?

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        DDR5-5600 on the AMD models

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          Ah, I misclicked the preorder link that took me to the Intel setup.

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        OLED screens are all glossy. I really wanted an OLED screen when I bought a new laptop a few month ago and absolutely all OLED screens were glossy. They have great contrasts but it’s made completely uninteresting by their glossiness.

        On opposite, the screen is matte on all the new framework models while it used to be glossy.

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          That’s preference that’s understandable. I’d prefer the blacks as blacks now more, limited to only 100% sRGB would be a bigger no-go.

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          Is this an OLED limitation, or a choice of the laptop makers that have so far used OLED? I suspect the latter.

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            Apologies for not replying earlier.

            I honestly don’t know for sure.

            Anti-glare coating reduces brightness, contrast, resolution and quality of color reproduction. Usually the brightness and contrast loss are not dealbreakers thanks to the reduced glare but you can understand these coatings aren’t perfect for all applications (and they also increase thickness).

            There are so many screens that are for TVs, phones and tablets, that the scenarios were reduced glare matters are not the majority. Even for a given device, this can become a trade-off between different workloads.

            I don’t think there’s anything inherent to OLED that prevents such coatings but it’s also possible their drawbacks are more important on OLED screens.

            Overall I guess the cause is a combination of all of the above plus some other things I didn’t think of.