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    The images fail to load for me unless I explicitly copy their URLs and navigate to them directly.

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      Looks like google drive is a terrible CDN.

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      Not about the images thing - but gosh I have a bit of a headache right now and opening that webpage and seeing the blurry text made me do a double take to make sure my eyes weren’t messing with me.

      From what I can tell it’s trying to replicate a blurry CRT?

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        Seems to be due to this CSS directive

        text-shadow: -0.09em 0 0.5px rgba(255, 176, 219, 0.9);
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        I just imagine that an enterprising user might pick this keyboard and customize the hell of their .emacs.d until everything is one button away…

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          Since the “jankery” apparently isn’t something everyone can just “bear with”, here…

          433 percent monstrousity

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            All I can think about is that Star Trek future is getting closer 🙃

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            This is the Homer in keyboard form.

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              This is amazing! I see multiple comments asking why, and all I can do is get really excited about having dedicated keys for unicode drawing characters, or APL operators. I want a qwerty keyboard with 3 extra rows of keys bolted ontop. Layers are supposed to do a similar thing, but I could never get to the point where layers felt natural.

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                This. OK. Thank you. I almost can take this somewhat kinda barely seriously now, if I look at it like that.

                It’s for people who don’t like modifier keys. Like, you could have a dedicated function key for every single keyboard shortcut you’ll ever need bwahahaha… In the limit, who even needs a shift key, when you got capital keys and lowercase keys?

                Or, maybe you want a Japanese or Arabic or Cyrillic keyboard conjoined with your “regular” one? (Why not just have another keyboard on your desk, though? Better ergo to not have the unused off-mode keys in the way.

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                  The extreme can go the other way too, though. If you had a keyboard with 9 modifiers and a single “pressing” key, you should be able to produce 512 (2^9) different symbols/actions. This would be beautifully ergonomic because you wouldn’t need to move your hands at all! What’s with all these 80%/60%/40% keyboards – that’s just utter bloat.

                  Seriously though, I wouldn’t want the monstrosity linked in the article, but I do want more keys than most standard keyboards have.

                  It’s not necessarily just about not liking modifier keys. The absolute vast majority of my typing is on my Kinesis Advantage keyboard. I love that shape and if I didn’t inherit one from a colleague, I would have bought one or gone for something like the ErgoDox EZ. That design is perfect in terms of the hand/wrist position for me, the better utilisation of thumbs, etc.

                  But I also really want all modifier keys to be present on both sides for comfort/ergonomics. In addition I do want a Winkey/Command/Super key. I use a compose key (currently mapped to Caps Lock) and I use caps lock (mapped to simultaneously pressed Shift keys). This causes trouble sometimes and a dedicated key would help. I don’t use arrows or numpad normally, but both are expected to be there in the familiar groupings when playing games. And I need them there when developing games. Especially for traditional roguelikes, the numpad is kind of a big deal.

                  And there are other things I would like to have dedicated keys for (the whole F-keys row plus some multimedia keys and maybe some common system shortcuts too). These can be off to the side as they’re not being used that often. But I’m a creature of comfort and my keyboard is already overloaded to the max and still missing some crucial keys.

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                    I think there’s at least katakana on the linked one.

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                  Images fail (Google Drive), but I’m guessing we’re talking about a 400-key keyboard? Interesting. I wonder: can anyone feasibly use that many? Without active key images (Orpheus? keyboard). Even if I had an artist paint the keycaps, I can’t imagine typing anything but English. What’s the Wittgenstein Schopenhauer (thx!) quote, limits of your language are the limits of your mind? I’d have to use a grid system, like Starcraft, maybe.

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                    I also fail to see practical uses for it, particularly in such a large continuous grid. It seems that it’d be difficult to know where to put one’s hands, and impossible to touch type with. It’s ortholinear by the way, if you weren’t aware. To answer your question, from the pictures they’ve gone for all of the F keys, all the symbols that you might want but require an alt-code or similar to type usually (currency symbols, pilcrow and section symbol, and so on), and kanji. (edit - and the Greek letters, of course).

                    There are still a lot of blank keys though. I guess keys could be for words or phrases?

                    ps - that’s a Wittgenstein quote

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                      By relieving the brain of all the unnecessary work of pressing modifier keys, a good keyboard sets it free to concentrate on more advanced problems, and in effect increases the mental power of the race.

                      – Alfred North Whitehead, more or less

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                        If you’d use something to detect finger presence on each keycap (IR or cheaper but worse, camera+CV) you could have a desktop overlay for the key images and highlight where you are ‘at’, what you are about to press (hey every button becomes analog) and don’t need to look down.

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                          There are analog pressure-sensitive keyboards out there. Never seen this particular use for them though.

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                        This was exactly what I expected / wanted to see after reading the title.

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                          As mentioned by others:

                          Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.

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                            “I want a blog so I can get people to read what I write”

                            but also

                            “I will use text rendering that is so bad that no one will want to look at it”

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                              Reader mode baby! I don’t use it often, but this case called for it.

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                              I wish they used something sane like IPFS for the image hosting rather than google drive.

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                                Even classic server/hosting is often better than unpredictable cloud with no guarantees.

                                (but I agree that an P2P distributed solution is generally the best way)

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                                omgwtf BUT WHYYYYY….?

                                Really, though? I mean, I totally get the joke. But is it just a joke, or is there some… utility? reason

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                                  It was sort of “competition” between two Reddit s/mechanicalkeyboards users. So it is more like PoC

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                                  Images fail to load, even copy/pasting url doesn’t do it:

                                  “Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time. Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later.”