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    An earlier, more complete, and funnier version that is not an ad: Falsehoods programmers believe about time.

    Ironically, that blog post is dated “Sun, Jun 17th”, so I can’t tell you what year it’s from. Pre-2017, though.

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      June 17 was most recently a Sunday in 2012.

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        Ah, you are assuming Gregorian calendar ;)

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      This is 20% good advice (e.g. ‘An hour will never occur twice in a single day’) and 80% useless ‘fun facts’ (e.g. ‘The month Pi Kogi Enavot in the Coptic calendar only has 5 or 6 days in it’).

      I wish these kinds of sites / articles would concentrate on actual advice and problems.

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        The advice is to use the ICU libraries for calendar stuff…

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          “Useful” really depends on what you need to do. If I was implementing a Coptic calendaring system, I would certainly want to keep it in mind.

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            If you were implementing a Coptic calendaring system, you probably shouldn’t be relying on blog posts for your edge-cases.

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          I can’t help but read this in Dwight Schrute’s voice/style.