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    To save people the trouble, here’s an updated screenshot. On the left is the Lobste.rs home page, and on the right is the window that opens after running the “Inspect Page” command, with a few of the HTML nodes expanded.

    The Inspector window is actually part of McClim, and is a GUI equivalent to the inspect function that can be called from the REPL. It’s being used similar to the “Inspect Page” feature in Chrome and Firefox, but it can actually navigate through any type of Common Lisp object.

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      That is awesome, thanks for posting the screenshot (saves me the hassle of trying to build it here). It really has that classy “lisp machine”/Smalltalk look. Ah, the roads not taken…

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      This could have used a “(2006)” suffix to the end of the title. I was excited, but the last NEWS entry on that page is nearly 12 years old :-(

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        There’s an ongoing effort to create a browser (frontend) in Lisp: https://github.com/atlas-engineer/next

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          I would say eww is probably closer to Closure in that it’s implementing a full rendering engine, not just wrapping webkit in yet another UI: https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_mono/eww.html

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            Oh, absolutely, but I got the feeling that Closure tried to do a more feature complete browser, whereas eww seems closer to a text-based browser with a few bells and whistles.

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        Oh the days when the web was simpler and implementing basic web browsers was one of the programming language exercises people did. Sadly not so much anymore. Nice to see a Common Lisp version!