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      Neat! Love the return of a painted spritely character (the classic site had so much charm), and this debugger puts others I’ve endured to shame.

      As an aside, E keeps popping up as a spring of inspirations, a la… I’m blanking on it, that influential hypothetical language; I’ll comment back when it comes to me. Let’s go with T for now.

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        Glad you liked the painted Spritely characters. They’ve been making their way back slowly into the new site, but yes, not as front and center as before. But I too really enjoy them. :)

        E is definitely cool, and has been a huge influence on Spritely, as is probably obvious. It’s funny you should mention T: yes, the T scheme/lisp indirectly has had a big influence on Spritely also, because Jonathan Rees worked on it, and it both heavily influenced Mark Miller and company’s approach towards treating lexical scope as the foundation for ocaps (fun fact: Jonathan A. Rees and Mark S. Miller went to college together at Yale, and years later went on to work on ocaps independently and came to many of the same technical conclusions without talking to each other!), and also was the predecessor to Jonathan A. Rees’ later Scheme, Scheme48. Jonathan Rees’ “security kernel” dissertation, which showed that a pure scheme could be an ocap-safe programming language environment, directly enabled Goblins to happen. (Speaking of weird short programming language names, the code for that security kernel, W7, is available, but few people know about it. It’s amazing how compact and beautiful it is, because Scheme48 already enabled it to be so.)

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        Addendum: was probably thinking of ISWIM.

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      Woah coool