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      Even if I don’t agree very much with the use of the term “brutalism” to define this ensemble of loosely-related designs, there are some refreshing items in this collection.

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      I loathe almost every single website I visit these days. I don’t demand a “brutalist” layout – something like lobste.rs is just fine (or even Reddit) – but things today are almost universally overblown, severely.

      My own design tastes tend more towards minimalist than “brutalist”, but I’m glad I’ve learned that term.

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      I like the idea but I take some issue with this line since some of the sites just haven’t changed in over a decade:

      Brutalism can be seen as a reaction by a younger generation to the lightness, optimism, and frivolity of todays webdesign.

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        Yes, the author is essentially ignorant of the web and its history. (Also, brutalist architecture is teeth-hurtingly ugly and unpleasant; these websites aren’t).

        “designer wank” is my classification of this sort of writeup: ignorance, faux-intellectual thought, and attention purely on the superficial aspects of a web site.

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      Turns out I am a “full-stack developer” - and my front-end designs fall into this stylish aesthetic. Best news I’ve heard all day!

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      Some of those are perfectly usable. And some are fancy in their own ways. I mean if that’s brutalism, then does https://8fw.me fit there? I actually try to make it at least not completely horrible most of the time, but it’s not fancier than some examples.

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        I think some of those are more accurately labeled minimalist than brutalist.