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    I’ve been regularly attending the talks in the San Francisco and they’ve been consistently excellent. I highly recommend checking out your local chapter if you haven’t already.

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      Yah, definitely looking forward to Ben’s discussion of Google’s “Spanner”.

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      There are still meetups for July (http://paperswelove.org/2015/news/july-meetups/) and a growing number of local chapters: http://paperswelove.org/chapter/

      Also, when we can, we get videos: http://paperswelove.org/categories/video/

      The local communities building up around the papers have been great. I help organize the NYC chapter, and we’re trying to have an informal get together of other chapter leaders attending Strangeloop this year.

      EDIT: grammar and added video link

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        Anyone interested in starting an Akron, OH chapter?

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          We have one in Columbus. Maybe we could meet in Mansfield sometime. :)

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            That would be good, since Columbus is a long drive for me ;)

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          Though the papers are in pdf format the link is actually to a github repo. I think the pdf label has been used for links that are actually pdfs. Therefore, I think the pdf label should be removed from this entry.

          Also: No Boston area chapter :( Anyone interested in a Boston area meetup?

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            There was a Boston chapter, but they fizzled out after their first meetup. Please start another!

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            I’m unfamiliar with how other folks run their reading groups, but something that we’ve found works very well:

            • Everybody presents their paper–sometimes that means verbatim, sometimes that means their interpretation, sometimes that just means “Oh, here’s what I thought about”.
            • Q&A is allowed during the presentation, audience participation is encouraged, ask politely before adding additional explanation to things.
            • Mixed format (whiteboarding, slides, standing and talking with cards) is encouraged–whatever works for presenters.
            • Present papers in chronological order if possible…that makes it easy to call back to other papers in the session.

            We run a small group, so it’s usually an intimate all-afternoon/evening affair. It’s good to combine it with some kind of cooking and socializing. :)