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    Title nitpick: these are just commands and are orthogonal to bash. How they are connected uses a particular syntax which might be bash specific (although looking at it most of it will work many shells). I just dislike these categorization failures.

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      I was thinking it might be easier to extract this data using the dbpedia resource and SPARQL but after 20 minutes of swearing and using this article for reference I still haven’t been able to get anywhere with that. So, sure; curl, grep, cut and friends it is.

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        I can’t refuse: instead of all of these tools, one could use awk for this.

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          This might sound glib but I sat down and actually figured out how to use awk, and it’s pretty ingenious.

          If you only have a cursory understanding of awk but like doing text munging, I’d recommend checking out O'Reilly’s sed & awk one Saturday. Awk’s programming model is pretty awesome.