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    wow, this is very neat! I’m quite impressed by the progress the author made. Look at a recent post of it running on a Pi.

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      This is incredible. Well done!

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        This is interesting and reading more about it led me to discover Mu, which I didn’t know about.

        A few years ago I had gotten the idea to Let’s Play Kyle’s Quest — I thought it would be interesting as a mostly-forgotten game that nobody has really covered before. I quickly ran into a problem, though. None of the Palm emulators I could find for either modern PC or Android (platforms where I can capture video) emulated CPU speed accurately; they just ran as fast as possible. Fine for productivity apps, not so great for games. I even thought about modding real hardware so I could capture raw data from the LCD and post-process it into video, but my hardware skills are nowhere near good enough to make it actually work. Anyway, Mu gets the timing right, and KQ is entirely playable!