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      Now try Window Maker.


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      I think the main content is the video: https://youtu.be/rf8b6rsumCc

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      No idea if it’s a wallpaper from the xfce project itself itself or xfce, but actually I do think that they’re an important part of making something feel more modern; and this stylish, minimalistic wallpaper does the trick.

      I stopped reading here.

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        Yes, people with this kind of mindset always make me concerned about the future of the projects they’re involved in. They’re often bikeshedders who solely focus on appearance and let functionality wither. Fashion is the antithesis of robust software engineering.

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          While it isn’t the most important thing, looks are important. Fact is, I’m gonna be using this every day, so I’d rather it be pleasant to look at. And if it isn’t and there’s no way to make it so, I’ll just skip it. I want using my computer to be enjoyable.

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            Looks are important, but whether you want a “stylish, minimalistic” wallpaper or a beautiful Stonehenge scenery [1], that is entirely up to taste and fashion. The discussion of such details is a waste of time, just make it customizable and by default, throw something in that satisfies the majority of the users. Judging a desktop environment on this basis is foolish.

            [1] https://windowswallpaper.miraheze.org/wiki/Stonehenge

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        Deep, it isn’t, but he does gradually notice that some functionality is richer while still having simpler UI.

        There’s a tonne more he seemed to miss, though, IMHO.

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