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    Reminds me of the project to run Wolfenstein3D on a Gameboy Color http://www.happydaze.se/wolf/

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      The core part of the code is impressively simple, just GPIO port register reads and writes: https://github.com/Emeryth/stm32gbcart-fw/blob/master/Src/main.c#L116

      The benefits of having CPU cycles to burn. :)

      Strikes me this would be a fun learning project for one of the small FPGAs supported by the open source toolchains (like ice40 series, etc). Although implementation would still be more complex than the STM32 version due to need for external storage (probably), finding a way to do USB loading, etc.

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        This is awesome, last weekend I went to a party where two DJ’s played on two Gameboy and it was amazing! One used LSDJ and the other used nanoloop. https://nanoloop.com/one/index.html

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          Check out Morusque on Spotify, his World albums are all Gameboy music.

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          Tom7 (of SIGBOVIK fame) has a similar project on “reverse-emulating” the NES: https://youtu.be/ar9WRwCiSr0