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    Easy to read article about the Snowden document by Spiegel even if I personally do not want to agree with the final words:

    To sum up a complicated issue, we live in a world where targeted surveillance is probably necessary and inevitable. The evidence so far indicates that NSA is very good at this kind of work, despite some notable failures in actually executing on the intelligence it produces.

    As well, in the light of the recent Tor incidents, I do not share this opinion:

    One of the most surprising aspects of the Snowden documents — to those of us in the security research community anyway — is the NSA’s relative ineptitude when it comes to de-anonymizing users of the Tor anonymous communications network.

    Maybe it was true for the time when the documents were made, but it seems that in the meantime NSA seems to be much more apt to de-anonymize Tor users.

    I personally would love if the crypto community would write a book, with easy to follow and 100% secure instructions on how to keep privacy. Without having to isolate from the rest of the world. Is this even technically possible with todays hardware and software?

    Since the Snowden documents there is so much FUD about what is secure and what is not secure, that any security attempts seem like a farce.

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        to even come close to 100% you have to start doing some rather inconvenient things.

        Not only are they inconvenient, but they’re likely to draw attention to you.

        XKeyscore tags users who use Tor. How much attention do you think the relative handful of people who use mixminion/mixmaster get?