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      Cool idea!

      What I usually wonder is if people who use emacs a lot would also run their elisp scripts from outside emacs and if so, how? Or is that more uncommon?

      To elaborate: this sounds useful, but I don’t use emacs and probably would not want to send from vim or would not mind some extra steps, so I’d write the solution so that I can invoke it via ~/bin/send-kindle FILE|STDIN and then just do the editor integration to call that abstraction, because for a pastebin or image upload (which is close enough imho) I know I mostly would prepare the file and not select (least of all for a log file with 300 lines).

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        who use emacs a lot would also run their elisp scripts from outside emacs

        You can, but in my case I do it fairly infrequently.

        My command line usage has been reducing over time as I find Emacs replacements I feel more comfortable with. In a recent example, I wrote some glue to generate SHA-256 hashes without the need to need manually download a file nor navigate to the command line nor execute the relevant commands. https://xenodium.com/sha-256-hash-from-url-the-easy-way

        Similarly, while I previously relied on ps and kill utils, I now kill processes from Emacs + fuzzy search https://xenodium.com/emacs-quick-kill-process. Another example is cloning git repos https://xenodium.com/emacs-clone-git-repo-from-clipboard or even converting media https://xenodium.com/emacs-dwim-shell-command

        Having said all of this, I do rely on the command line from time to time, but I use eshell from Emacs itself. I merge both worlds and get to blur the lines between the two https://xenodium.com/yasnippet-in-emacs-eshell

        This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea though.

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          interesting, thanks!

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        People do not usually call elisp scripts from outside emacs, no. You can do it, using emacs --script.

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      I was there when the whole conversation was going down on emacs.ch! I did not suggest any solution because like @wink mentioned, I would prefer to prepare a file and write a script (even in emacs lisp!) which calls pandoc and sendmail