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    excuse lack of politeness, but what is this trashy blogspam doing on lobsters, from an obvious shill account.

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      Still waiting for color on IPv6

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        Of course you can always just watch the real movie in ASCII using vlc (or anything else that supports aalib (black and white) or libcaca (colorized) output) with something like vlc --vout caca $movie.

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          I remember using aalib way back in University with mplayer. At some point it became broken and never fixed, but libcaca still seems to work fairly well with mpv. I just pulled up Star Trek DS9 in a terminal at work over SSH. Now I just need to forward the PulseAudio remotely :-P

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          It’s so old that I played this on IT classes in elementary school :D

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            People who never knew it still get amazed. Let’s call it a classic then? :)

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              You got IT classes in elementary school? Now I feel old :D

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                It’s not that uncommon, even my mother got these too.

                But in Poland, most “IT class” stuff in elementary and middle schools goes down to using MS Paint, occasionally MS Word or PPoint and doing some crazy and outdated theory like “this is a keyboard and here’s a monitor, you shouldn’t stay less than 70cm from it”. No programming, no creativity, no digital-savvy education about internet resources, no privacy and data management education and so on. But I think it’s the same thing everywhere else.

                And if you decide to waste additional year and go to something called “technician school” (it’s like high school, but focused on computer science and IT in general), you won’t get any special knowledge… except great Quake I-III skills, or why Counter-Strike doesn’t even compare (as someone said to me “you can’t run and shoot at the same time”) :D

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              I totally forgot about this. Wow .. nostalgia of the nostalgia