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    This is the future that RMS and the FSF has been warning about.

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      The good thing is, it’s not very evenly distributed.

      The real news here is that it’s 2016 and people are still surprised by this, even going as far as to say:

      The fact is that I can fix the problem by purchasing a replacement device such as a Samsung SmartThings hub.

      “The fact is that I can keep my money safe by investing it in that other Nigerian prince.”

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      You didn’t buy a product. You bought a limited time trial of a service. :(

      There are lots of gadgets in my home running proprietary software. For the most part, I can’t fix or update them, but this doesn’t bother me because they will at least continue to perform the function I bought them to do. Rather stark contrast to devices which require internet services to function.

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        But the future, Ted! The fuuuuuture!

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          You can keep it. :)

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        Depending on an internet service to control various things in your house sounds like a terrible idea for at least a dozen different reasons.

        This is one of the less bad ways for it to go wrong.

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          TL;DR Build your own services and products to prevent being screwed.