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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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    I’ve started working for a small pre-product startup, writing software again after an interregnum of managing software folks. It’s fun! I’m really enjoying it. This week I’m trying to wrap my old feeble brain around Terraform.

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      • Start using Anki (as I’ve determined its v3 scheduler for reviewing is probably one of the best out there)
      • Finish the SM2 and MEMORIZE code and publish it
      • Go vote (voting day in Quebec) for the least insane party
      • Making an apple pie with the 50+ apples my partner picked
      • Get back into some code cad stuff
      • Continue internalizing Standard ML grammar and soon semantics
      • Continue playing through the first God of War on PS2 (I gotta say it’s been really good!)
      • Possibly do a little bit of job searching but this isn’t really a priority.
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        Curious, what are you studying with Anki? It looks like an interesting tool.

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          It’s more about retention of what I’m learning. In this case that means math and programming language theory stuff I find that I don’t use enough to retain.

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        I started writing a basic interpreter in rust to learn the language last week, im hoping to have function stacks/context this week.

        Right now it only supports i32 & math operators as expression which makes it easier to focus on figuring out functions & all that.

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          I finished adding support for Lua 5.1 through 5.4 to my Zig wrapper library so I am going to tidy up some of the documentation this week. Then I think I’ll make some more example code and share it!

          I also have a recipe for a biga pizza dough that I have been meaning to try, so I’ll make some pizza Margherita this week

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            computer stuff: I’ve been talked into making a small puzzle generator tool, and it’s slowly taking shape. I even registered a URL because DNS on my personal site was broken and the new config took too long to propagate.

            non-computer stuff: continue touring around rural Scotland for another week. It’s been great so far, lots of moody weather, amazing scenery, super friendly people. I can recommend this tour, especially this time of year.

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              Looking for a new job.

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                Leaving my current job (tomorrow is my last day). The company that took us over is heavily pushing Enterprise Agile (which is anything but agile) and it feels like I’m being micromanaged to death, and the meetings will continue until morale improves. I’m not going to even think about work for the rest of the year.

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                  $work: continuing to land some improvements and upgrades we’ve been working on for a while to bring all the services more inline with each other. (tldr; Three cheers for Hashicorp Nomad.) Also have more DX improvements to spike out.

                  $home: continuing the office fit-out. Almost all the electrical work is finished, decoration is finished aside from painting the windowsill & fitting skirting/door architrave. Pretty rather than functional work. Realised last night I forgot to run a single cat5 cable from the phone sockets in the hall through, so now need to retrofit that without damaging the plaster too much. Then it’s on to moving furniture and the network kit from old office to new.

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                    It’s been a multi-month slog exacerbated by some burnout, ADHD med changes, and not being able to find a framing that made me completely happy, but this weekend I finally finished off what I think was the 5th draft of a post about markup colors (it looks like I last mentioned it back in mid July… yikes :).

                    I think I’ll probably take a short intentional break from trying to make myself write about markup, maybe to tend to some back-burner shell projects (https://github.com/abathur/shellswain, https://github.com/abathur/shell-hag) that I’ve been neglecting despite having both really close to releaseable for a long while now…

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                      Ha, the colored markup is pretty neat! It could easily be generalized to other formats - maybe it could give you some more inspiration 🙂

                      shellswain looks too intense for bash :D. I couldn’t see hag.

                      I say, work on what makes sense to you right now. Maybe those projects had a place in your life and now they don’t, and you should move onto the next thing that makes you happy / tickles the brain!

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                        Oops. Link fixed. :)

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                      I’ve been working on shumai, a javascript tensor library, for the past month (https://github.com/facebookresearch/shumai) and hoping to get some compelling example use cases out!

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                        I have started working on my last major revision for my Computing from the Command Line ebook. Hope to publish the first version by end of this month.

                        Currently reading “Arcane Ascension 4” and it’s so great to be back in this universe. Being learning focused is matching well with my own writing too.

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                          I’m going to write a new tool to count how many edits a Wikipedia user has made. The current state of the art can’t handle more than 500k edits, which is unhelpful given that the top 42 users by number of edits are all over that threshold (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:List_of_Wikipedians_by_number_of_edits#1%E2%80%931000).