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    Anyone have a link to the technology behind this? I did not find an ‘about’ page on the website and the guardian article has no information. Thanks!

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      What technology? It’s a web site with a few options. You pick the “I didn’t see the sign” option and it gives you a form letter that says “I didn’t see the sign” which you mail to the parking authority.

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        It’s astonishing and wonderful that something so simple is so effective.

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          I suspect it’s effective because it’s below the threshold of caring. At some point, the city is going to do an inventory of every parking sign and start rejecting appeals.

          Other jurisdictions have already solved this by having the ticket writer take a picture of the car and the sign.

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            In Stockholm, Sweden, the officer writing the ticket takes a photo of the car (or a series of photos) as well as records measurements with a laser instrument (for violations where the car is too close to a pedestrian crossing etc).

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          Whoa! Man from all the description and the tag line I thought it had some database of legal theory, and it looked at your citation and parsed … boy did I over think. A little disappointing, but thanks @tedu

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        “I think the people getting parking tickets are the most vulnerable in society. These people aren’t looking to break the law. I think they’re being exploited as a revenue source by the local government,”

        I can’t speak for London and New York but I’m pretty sure thats not a universal truth. There are for example cities in Sweden where 10% of all cars are registered with a “goalkeeper”, generally homeless and other easily exploitable people. These people then amass the parkingtickets and the actual offenders and owners go free. The Wikipedia page on this translates reasonably well to english https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C3%A5lvakt_(brottslighet). (Due to the parenthesis the link must be copy/pasted). Not saying a good appeal process is bad, but universally blaming the local governments for draconian oppressiveness isn’t helping.

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          In Philadelphia it’s pretty easy to see who gets tickets because the parking authority is well staffed. Just hang out on the side walk for a while and you’ll see somebody come by and ticket all the “vulnerable” people. As in people who think they’ll be able to slip into Starbucks and grab their latte before the meter maid makes another round. There actually is 30 min free parking nearby, but it’s all the way across the street from the Starbucks, unlike the reserved bus stop directly in front.