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    Some annotated screenshots of the tiling behavior would really help introduce this in a way that communicates better whether or not it’s interesting to me. (I currently use qtile with X11, and I’m not sure from the description what to expect from river’s tiling behavior, but don’t have quite enough time at just this moment to go try it out.)

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      The tiling behavior is entirely dependent on the layout generator used with river, so it’s hard to communicate what river is capable of in a general way. It’s certainly not yet as flexible/scriptable as qtile, so depending on how complex your qtile setup is you may want to wait a while.

      As for screenshots, you can find some assorted pictures of people’s setups on reddit, for example these search results: https://old.reddit.com/r/unixporn/search/?q=river&sort=top&restrict_sr=on&t=all

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        I agree with @hoistbypetard, for newcomers like me it is hard to understand what exactly River is, but with the screenshot of /r/unixporn it helps a lot !

        I would suggest to add some people’s setups in your blog post to show what River is currently capable of :)

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        Agreed, the readme on github or the blog posts needs some visual demonstration of what it does.