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    I use Rosefinch as SQLite GUI.

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      Even though, it might be worth the money, I had to click to realise that it’s closed source and requires a one time payment.

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      Cool. When I still used GUIs to work with SQLite, I used to use SQLiteMan which was free and open source as well, but apparently it became unmaintained. :( I guess SQLiteMan is dead, long live SQLite Browser :D .

      Unrelated, people might want to take a look at litecli for a SQLite shell with live auto-complete.

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        Oh, litecli looks great! Thanks for sharing!

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        I use https://sqlitestudio.pl/ OSS, Wndows, MacOS, Linux, etc.

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          I like TablePlus (paid). Not affiliated, just a user.

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            My current favorite SQLite tool is Observable’s reactive notebooks. Sure, for schema visualization or data changes a local full featured GUI is necessary, but the notebook model is so nice for exploration and analysis. Especially because you can mix pure SQL query cells with soft data munging in JavaScript. Here’s their starter example: https://observablehq.com/@observablehq/sqlite

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              Another one: https://dbeaver.io (Java-based, cross-platform)

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                Any idea how this compares to https://dbvis.com/ ? (Which is also Java and cross-platform)

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                Note that despite the tag, this is not a mac-only app.

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                  Thank you, I hadn’t realized that and didn’t even bothered to read the page!

                  I’ve suggested the removal of the tag.

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                  There’s also https://lite.datasette.io for an in browser SQLite browser.

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                    I used to use sqlitemanager extension in firefox, then it disappeared, now it’s back and it plots as well..

                    UI is not as intuitive as it used to be or sqlitebrowser is though…


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                      I have an M1 Mac but apparently there’s no binary download available for the M1 architecture. That’s fine, since I can use brew to install it instead. But even the binary generated by brew says the same thing, which baffles me.

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                        Nice. Is there something similar based on ncurses or something that might be easier to use on a remote system that you can only SSH into?

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                          If you have nushell installed on the remote system, the latest version just added the ability to read and manipulate sqlite dbs.