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    This is great. I’ve been building it from source for a few weeks now and using the neovim-lspconfig settings for learning rust and developing in go.

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      Me too, after reading the recently discussed post on 0.5 nightly! It was always bugging me how I was using coc.nvim with pure Vim (but didn’t want to switch just to use a 3rd party plugin). Also running Node wasn’t ideal. There is a Twitch release stream right now by the way!

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        I skimmed through the record video and the tree-sitter demo is really cool.

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      Woo! Finally! No more nightly builds that I occasionally pull and rebuild every couple of weeks.

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        Are there release notes?

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            Neovim can now :smile !

            It’s not as encouraging as the ViM :smile, though. :)

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              Been running the nightlies for a while and enjoying how the LSP stuff is working out. Now using nvim-lspconfig / completion-nvim / symbols-outline in place of vim-lsp, YouCompleteMe, and vista, and everything is a bit faster and a bit more useful.

              tree-sitter seems interesting but I’ll wait until it’s a little more fire-and-forget :)