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    This looks really cool, thanks for doing it! Would also love to see redbpf among the Rust-related links.

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      Thanks a lot! I’m sorry, I try to focus on recent news and resources in this series (something like the latest two to three months), and redbpf has been around for “some time”. Happy to list new related blog posts in the future, though.

      This being said, redbpf may be the most advanced project using eBPF and Rust at this time, and there are some other places where it could make sense to list it. I’m thinking about:

      You could send pull requests to the relevant repos if you wanted.

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        That is a fantastic point and a great idea! I really appreciate your work and your response. Keep up the awesome stuff!

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      Does the “and” in “Web assembly and eBPF” in 5 technologies to watch in 2021 mean that there are efforts to leverage WASM in eBPF or is it that here are 5 technologies to watch in 2021, but they’re actually six?

      Or is it meant to capture the broader concept of VMs and limited binary instruction formats that are gaining traction?

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        I’d say you’re right, it probably represents “Emerging binary instruction format standards”. Despite one being in the “web” space and the other in systems, they have a lot of parallels.