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    I hope this guy’s design thoughts on mobile catch on. It’s always bugged me how “designed for mobile” means I have to scroll for ages.

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      It was pretty funny reading this on mobile and seeing the 200% line height they have going on there. ?

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        Agreed, I kept wishing he’d take his own advice and “fix” his blog before the Nexus page. It was humorous.

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        I was going to say the CSS is incredibly simple to implement in the tall case, and the CSS is quite a bit more complicated in the optimized case, but I’m starting to think it’s actually quite easy but a non-zero amount of work. I’ve definitely done the tall design before because it was the easiest thing I could do but I think the real problem is I didn’t have an example to look at that clearly shows an improved experience. I’m thinking this is just the default way that bootstrap has which encourages that kind of tall design, because they just generically reflow the exact same layout vertically instead of horizontally under a smaller width screen.