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    This is really cool feature. If you want to just pass all the arguments of the current method to a new method, Ruby 2.7 makes it dead easy with the help (…).

    Those are the kind of features I really fear. They look good and useful and simple, but they make code so much less grep-able.

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      It shouldn’t be a thing for 99% of delegations since the Forwardable module handles most of that work. The trick would be how many Rubyists know about this rather than jumping on the ellipsis operator.

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        Forwardable is almost never used in practice because it has an annoying API.

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      filter_map is a method I’ve wanted for quite a while. Ruby is a language that knows what it is, and keeps moving in that direction, rather than trying to be all things to all people, and I appreciate that about it.

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        It’s unfortunate destructuring is a bit verbose, for someone spoiled by JS. Nevertheless I’m looking forward to try out these shiny new toys!