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    But RiscOS Pico already does this!

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      Need that bare metal library thing that the bare metal vice uses… so it’s 2-3 seconds to basic, no Linux.

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        I never really got my head around feeling that I never found a programming environment that seemed as productive as my 8 bit BBC Micro booting into BBC BASIC. The immediacy of it, the instantaneous access to graphics, sound and direct access to writing assembly! I can definitely see wanting to reproduce it.

        I imagine that my memory of it is a lot about enjoyment of learning a lot very rapidly as a child and the playful / creative nature of that environment. But I lament the feeling of holistic, complete understanding: the ‘next level down’ was direct access to ‘OS’ calls by JSR’ing to their address in ROM and the hardware itself - there were zero libraries or layers of abstraction that were huge black boxes, built on huger black boxes. The entirety of the hardware, the BASIC language, the ‘OS’ (as in all the calls in ROM) - everything, was very understandable by one person as a complete unit.

        This gave the possibility of huge creativity and fun, but also I have a feeling that it somehow made a learning environment that let me learn a whole bunch about technology, in a creative, playful and therefore fast and efficient way and I feel like ‘the kids of today’ miss any kind of opportunity to do that kind of holistic learning experience.

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          Love this. My first computer was an Atari 130XE that also booted into BASIC if there was no boot floppy in the drive. I feel like this is a huge part of what got me into programming…

          10 print hello
          20 goto 10