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This was the writeup for my final project for my bachelor’s degree. Since there’s a certain amount of interest in Xanadu here, I figured I’d post it, since it contains a brief history of ZigZag implementations & some information about optimizations and frontend implementation I haven’t covered elsewhere.

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    I ought to rewrite this to bring it up to my current quality standards. Something like a third of the document is just bitching about bad UI libraries.

    Nevertheless, if somebody is looking at my open source ZigZag backend and wondering how to write a frontend for it, this probably answers their question.

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      Haven’t read the paper entirely, but enjoyed the walkthrough of design decision references and the list of other implementations. You may also want to share your work to https://twitter.com/clausatz who’s trying to make a museum of xanadu/zigzag implementations.

      (fenfire was one of the projects that still makes me think of how where zigzag could go, https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1012438773253263361 )

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        Thanks for pointing me to this guy! It looks like he might already be in touch with the team but I’ve sent him some info anyhow.

        (Internal Xanadu documentation, particularly of the timeline of unreleased implementations, is messy and piecemeal, so even if he’s in touch with Ted that doesn’t mean he’s actually getting a clear picture of the timeline.)